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Im starting the LAST MAN STANDING competition again on SATURDAY 5TH AUGUST..

The prize will be £100!!  The rules of the last man competition are bellow.

I'll show everyone's picks each week so you all know who's out and who's picked what once each weeks selections are in.

If your not sure how the LAST MAN STANDING game works here's the rules :-

  • You pick a team to win over the weekend, if your team wins your through to the next round, lose or draw and your out.
  • Once a player has selected a team, that team cannot be used again for the rest of that game
  • Teams can be selected from English Premiership, Championship, League One and League 2
  • Teams can only be selected from fixtures played on the Saturday of each week.
  • The game will continue until we have a Last Man (or woman) Standing - there will be no splitting the pot
    Selections in for the weekend fixture by 10pm on Thursday prior
  • If a game goes down to the last few players and all go out over that weekend, the prize fund will role over.
  • DM your selection's for each week before Thursday at 10pm each week,if your selection is not in my this date your out. This is due to the amount of people I would be chasing up.
  • ill send a couple of reminders out each week to get your selections in :)

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