My advised single point stake that I use is £20

NOV 16 - +2.1 points (£42)

DEC 16 - + 9.14 points (£182.80)

JAN 17 - +9.18 points (£183.60)

FEB 17 - +18.08 points (£361.60)

MAR 17  + 8.35 points (£167)

APR 17   -3.73 points (-£74.60)

MAY 17  +2.73points (+£54.60)

JUNE 17 -3.2 points   (-£64.00) Limited picks

JULY 17 +2.8 points  (+£56.00) June & July 

AUG 17 +0.3 points  (+£6)

SEPT17 +2.26points (+£45.20)

OCT 17 +0.5 points  (+£10) 

(FEB 18)   +21.09% ROI (Return on investment)              (+4 points) +£80

(MAR 18)  +29.24% ROI  (+9.75 points) +£195

(APR 18)   -1.25% ROI  (-1.25 points) -£25

(MAY 18)   +26.07% ROI (+3.2 points)  +£64

(JUN 18)   +20.81% ROI  (3.9 points)   +£78

(JULY 18)  +19.1% ROI (+4.4 points)   +£88

(AUG 18)   - 8%   ROI  (-2.5 points)  - £50

(SEPT 18)  +10% ROI (+2.52 points)  +50.43

(OCT 18)   - 35% ROI  (-4.2 points)  -£84

(NOV 18)  -10% ROI  (-2.2 points)  -£44

(DEC 18)  +36% ROI (+3.31 points) + £66.22

(JAN 19)  -19% ROI  (-0.9 points) - £18

(FEB 19)  0% ROI   (0 points )  £0

(MARCH 19) +13.05% ROI (+3 points)  +£60

(AUG 19)   +6.15% ROI (+0.8 points)  +£16

(SEPT 19)  +26.27% ROI (+6.55 points) +£131.33

(OCT 19)    +22.56% ROI (+9.48 points) +£189.53

(NOV 19)   - 3.35% ROI  (-1.34 points)  -£26.80

(DEC 19)   +20.41% ROI (+7.04 points)   +£140.80

(JAN 20)   +2.5% ROI  (+0.55 points)    +£11

(FEB 20)   +16.54 ROI  (+4.3 points)  +£86

(MARCH 20) +53% ROI (+2.65 points) +£53

Limited number of games between the end of March to August on the VIP with the lack of fixtures due to COVID-19.. With most of the football back up and running, let's get back to smashing it

(SEPT 20)  +8.50% ROI  (+2.46 points)  +£49.30

(OCT 20)   +11.11% ROI (+4.66 points )  +£93.33

i stake single point stakes on all my picks on the VIP. My single stakes are always £20. 


Lecce vs cosenza30-10-20171st before 80 INPLAY 8/111won0.73
Wil vs servette30-10-2017Over 2.58/111lost-1.00
Sampdoria vs chievo29-10-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Leicester vs Everton 29-10-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Malaga vs celta v29-10-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
4 fold29-10-20174 fold4/11won4.00
St mirren vs Morton 28-10-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Double 27-10-2017Double 2.021won1.02
Leeds vs sheff u27-10-2017BTTS10/111won0.91
Düsseldorf vs Darmstadt 20-10-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Mouscron vs st liege20-10-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Red star vs Arsenal 19-10-2017BTTS3/41lost-1.00
Lugano vs Plzen 19-10-2017Plzen over 1.510/111won0.91
4 fold 17-10-20174 fold 4/11lost-1.00
Stevenage vs Accrington 17-10-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Vasas vs haladas17-10-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Derby vs Forest 15-10-2017BTTS4/51lost-1.00
Gianna E vs carrarese15-10-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Viborg vs F Amager15-10-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Treble 14-10-2017Treble 3.241lost-1.00
Charleroi vs Eupen 14-10-2017Over 2.53/41won1.75
Wigan vs southend14-10-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Osasuna vs albacete13-10-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111won0.73
St Johnsone vs rangers13-10-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Double 13-10-2017Double 2.271lost-1.00
Santos DG vs Alajuelense12-10-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Numancia vs braga B11-10-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 8/111won0.73
Sevilla A vs Cadiz 11-10-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Gijon B vs CD Vitoria 08-10-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Mannheim vs Saarbrucken08-10-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Lithuania vs England 08-10-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Notts c vs F green 07-10-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Hamburg II vs havelse07-10-2017Over 2.58/111won0.73
Switzerland vs Romania u2106-10-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Hvidore vs AB Copenhagen 06-10-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111won0.73
FSV Frankfurt vs Steinbach06-10-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Syria vs Australia 05-10-2017BTTS17/111won1.55
Double 05-10-2017Double 1/11lost-1.00
Chester vs Woking 03-10-2017Over 2.53/41lost-1.00
Cercle Brugge vs leuven03-10-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
4 fold03-10-20174 fold 4/11lost-1.00
Düsseldorf vs Duisburg 02-10-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Feralpisalo vs podenone02-10-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Treble 01-10-2017Treble 3.071lost-1.00
Double 30-09-2017Double 2.091lost-1.00
Double 29-09-2017Double 2.201lost-1.00
4 fold29-09-20174 fold 3.501won2.50
Double 28-09-2017Double 2.421won1.42
Ingoldstadt vs Darmstadt 28-09-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Double 27-09-2017Double 2.281won2.28
Birmingham vs Sheff wed 27-09-2017Wed goal 2nd H5/61lost-1.00
Double 26-09-2017Double 2.101won1.10
St mirren vs QOS24-09-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Zaglebie vs sandecja 24-09-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
4 fold23-09-20174 fold 3.721won2.72
Hamburg II vs Wolfsburg II19-09-2017Over 2.58/111lost-1.00
Bristol c vs stoke19-09-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Double 16-09-2017Double 1/11lost-1.00
Waldorf vs Mannheim 15-09-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Kahmer vs norrkoping15-09-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Chesterfield vs Accrington 15-09-2017Goal both halves 4/51lost-1.00
Albion r vs Stranraer 15-09-2017Over 2.58/111won0.73
Double 14-09-2017Double 2/11lost-1.00
Colchester vs Chesterfield 12-09-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Charlton vs Wigan 12-09-2017Goal both halves 1/11won1.00
Treble12-09-2017Treble 3/11lost-1.00
Treble11-09-2017Treble 2/11lost-1.00
West Ham vs Huddersfield 11-09-2017Huddersfield DC10/111lost-1.00
Nurnburg vs st Pauli 11-09-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Treble 10-09-2017Treble 3.731won2.73
Marseille vs Rennes 10-09-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Lubeck vs BraunschweigII10-09-2017Over 2.58/111lost-1.00
Newport vs Wycombe 09-09-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Steinbach vs elfsburg09-09-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Nagoya vs oita09-09-2017Over 2.58/111lost-1.00
Treble 09-09-2017Treble3.201won2.20
Hamburg vs Leipzig 08-09-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
M legnica vs B Bystow08-09-2017Over 2.521/201won1.05
Double08-09-2017Double 2.031won1.03
S Arabia vs Japan 05-09-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
F Amager vs Esbjerg03-09-2017Over 2.59/101lost-1.00
Mainz II vs Saarbrucken 03-09-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Carlos m vs u huaral 03-09-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Libya vs guinea03-09-2017Over 2.56/41lost-1.00
Bury vs Scunthorpe 02-09-2017Scunny DNB4/51won0.80
Freiburg II vs Offenbach 02-09-2017Over 2.58/111won0.73
Wycombe vs Forest green 02-09-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Roselare vs beerschot 01-09-2017Over 2.58/111won0.73
Georgia u21 vs Poland u2101-09-2017Over 2.521/201won1.05
China vs Uzbekistan 31-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Union b vs Bielefeld 27-08-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Chelsea vs Everton 27-08-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
4 fold 26-08-20174 fold4/11lost-1.00
C Osaka vs Kashima 26-08-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Forest vs leeds26-08-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Slask vs cracovia25-08-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Slask vs cracovia25-08-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Bristol c vs Villa 25-08-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Padang vs Bali u24-08-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Padang vs Bali Utd 24-08-2017Over 2.54/51won1.00
Sporting b vs cova piedade23-08-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Slavia p vs A Nicosia 23-08-2017S 1st bef 80 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Copenhagen vs qarabag23-08-20172nd bef 80 INPLAY 5/61won0.83
Huddersfield vs Rotherham 23-08-2017Huddersfield over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Huddersfield vs Rotherham 23-08-2017Huddersfield over 2.5 INPLAY 11/101lost-1.00
Astana vs celtic22-08-20175th bef 808/111won0.73
Saipa vs tractor sazi22-08-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 5/61won0.83
Sheff u vs Leicester 22-08-2017Leicester ht result 17/101lost-1.00
Zaglebie vs wisla 21-08-2017Over 2.519/201won0.95
Nagoya vs avispa20-08-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Huddersfield vs Newcastle 20-08-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Udinese vs Chievo 20-08-2017Over 2.58/111won0.73
Sassuolo vs genoa20-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Lazio vs Spal 20-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Jagiellonia vs Slask 19-08-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Hibernian vs Hamilton 19-08-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Wolves vs Cardiff 19-08-2017Cardiff 1st bef 805/61won0.83
Troyes vs Nantes 19-08-20171st bef 80 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Waterford vs UC Dublin 18-08-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Utrecht vs zenit16-08-2017Utrecht vs zenit8/111won0.73
Maidstone vs Aldershot 15-08-2017Over 2.517/201lost-1.00
U d Concepcion vs Antofagasta 14-08-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Santos vs fluminense 14-08-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
San Luis vs UD chile 13-08-20171st bef 80 INPLAY 8/111won0.73
Korona vs Jagiellonia 13-08-20173rd bef 80 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Juve vs Lazio 13-08-2017Juve score both halves 9/41lost-1.00
Suwon vs Seoul 12-08-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Oxford vs Portsmouth 12-08-2017Over 2.55/41won1.25
Brighton vs man c12-08-2017Brighton 1st bef 8011/101lost-1.00
Newcastle vs Tottenham 12-08-2017BTTS4/51lost-1.00
Norwich vs Sunderland 12-08-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Alajuelense vs CD olimpia 11-08-2017Over 2.517/201lost-1.00
Sandefjord vs sogndal 11-08-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Consolat vs creteil11-08-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Persepal vs P Surabaya 10-08-2017Over 2.56/51won1.20
Kups vs jjk 10-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 8/111lost-1.00
Kobe vs Kashima09-08-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Sanderyske vs Aarhus 07-08-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Rio ave vs beleneses 07-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 1/11lost-1.00
H kralove vs S Prague u2106-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 10/111lost-1.00
Braga B vs u Madeira 06-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 5/61won0.83
Bolton vs leeds06-08-2017Leeds over 3.5 INPLAY1/11lost-1.00
Toluca vs atlas06-08-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
R garcilaso vs c Unidos 06-08-2017G 1st bef 80 INPLAY8/111won0.73
P yacuiba vs bolivar06-08-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 8/111won0.73
Cajamaca v u de deportes 06-08-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY8/111won0.73
C Osaka vs Sapporo 05-08-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Gwangju vs suwon05-08-2017Over 2.520/211won0.95
Horsen vs silkeborg 04-08-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Degerfors vs orgryle 04-08-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Forest vs millwall04-08-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY8/111lost-1.00
Shkendija vs Trakai03-08-2017S to score both halves2/11won2.00
Zenit vs yuhuda03-08-2017Z score both halves 13/81lost-1.00
H split vs Brondby 03-08-20171st bef 80 INPLAY8/111won0.73
Champions league double02-08-2017Double6/41won1.50
Videton vs Bordeaux 02-08-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Seoul vs gangwon01-08-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Viitorul vs APOEL26-07-20171st bef 80 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Melgar vs C Unidos 26-07-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Slavia P vs BATE25-07-2017S Prague 2nd bef 80 INPLAY8/111lost-1.00
GAIS vs Osters24-07-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY5/61won0.83
Schaffhausen vs rapperswill24-07-2017S 5th before 808/111won0.73
Schaffhausen vs rapperswill 24-07-2017S over 5.5 goals8/111won0.73
Mauritania vs Liberia 23-07-2017Home win4/51lost-1.00
S Recife vs palmeires23-07-2017Goal both halves19/201lost-1.00
D Municipal vs ds martin22-07-20172nd bef 80 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Waterford vs c ramblers21-07-2017Over 2.55/41won1.20
Huancayo vs c Unidos 21-07-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Limerick vs Sligo 21-07-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Gwangju vs joenan 21-07-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Kristiensund vs valerenga17-07-2017Over 2.520/211lost-1.00
Lech P vs sandecja16-07-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY11/101lost-1.00
Panama vs Martinique 15-07-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Europa l treble05-07-2017Treble 27/201lost-1.00
Lesotho vs Zimbabwe 04-07-2017Away win1/11won1.00
FK domzale vs F Tallin 29-06-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Germany U21 vs Spain u2129-06-2017BTTS INPLAY10/111lost-1.00
R Santander vs Chico12-06-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Sportivo B vs lujan12-06-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY4/51lost-1.00
Tachira vs DL guara11-06-2017Over 2.59/101won0.90
Portland vs Dallas 10-06-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Israel vs Albania 10-06-2017Home win11/101lost-1.00
Montenegro vs Armenia01-06-2017Over 2.511/101won1.10
D sporting vs LDU31-05-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Vasas vs fenencvaros31-05-2017Over 2.517/201lost-1.00
Infonet vs kalju 30-05-2017Over 2.54/51won1.80
Ind D Valle vs u catolica26-05-2017Over 2.519/201won1.95
Dundalk vs Derry 23-05-2017Over 2.58/111lost-1.00
E khuzastan vs Al-Hilal23-05-2017Over 2.5 INPLAY 5/61won0.83
FK Trakai vs K Zalgiris23-05-2017Over 1.5 1st hlf INPLAY 1/11won1.00
Stabaek vs Viking22-05-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Ath MG vs Fluminense21-05-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Mlada Boleslav vs Slavia Prague20-05-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Melgar vs R plate19-05-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Falkirk vs Dundee Utd19-05-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Helsingborg vs norrby18-05-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
MVG vs Anderson 18-05-2017Anderson over 107.5 checkout5/61won0.83
Juventus vs Lazio17-05-2017Juve win6/51won1.20
Zambrow vs odra opole17-05-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Seoul vs Busan17-05-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 14lost-1.00
Sandecja vs Pruszkov16-05-2017Over 2.58/111won0.73
Penafiel vs Leixoes14-05-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Football14-05-2017Clean sheet NO double11/101lost-1.00
Man c vs Leicester13-05-2017Leicester 1st bef 7910/111won0.91
Feirense vs Sp Lisbon13-05-20173rd Before 804/51won0.80
Ath Rafaela vs Ath Tucuman13-05-2017Over 0.5 goals INPLAY4/51won0.80
Darts09-05-2017Darts double11/81lost-1.00
Ac Ajaccio vs GFC Ajaccio08-05-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Braga B vs Porto B07-05-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Reims vs Orleans 05-05-2017Over 2.59/101lost-1.00
Valenciennes vs red star05-05-20171st bef 804/51lost-1.00
Football30-04-20175 fold using ACCA insurance5/11void0.00
Palace vs Burnley29-04-2017Home win4/51lost-1.00
Slask vs Leczna29-04-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Darts27-04-2017Treble 3/11lost-1.00
Zulia vs Lanus27-04-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Orlando P vs Baroka26-04-2017Orlando P vs Baroka INPLAY4/51won0.80
Monchenglad vs Frankfurt25-04-2017Over 2.523/201lost-1.00
Esteghlal vs Pars J L24-04-2017Over 3.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Braga b vs Academica24-04-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Liverpool vs palace 23-04-2017Palace 1st bef 765/61won0.83
Schalke vs Leipzig 23-04-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Hull vs Watford 22-04-2017Home win10/111won0.91
Ol Grudziadz vs Sosnowiec22-04-2017Over 2.523/201won1.15
Chambly vs Epinal 21-04-2017Over 2.523/201lost-1.00
DARTS20-04-2017Darts treble7/41won1.75
Cape Town C vs Bidvest19-04-2017Over 2.523/201lost-1.00
W Bremen vs Hamburg 17-04-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Dresden vs Düsseldorf 17-04-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Strasbourg vs Ac Ajaccio 17-04-2017Over 2.56/51won1.20
Tigres vs UNAM16-04-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Falkirk vs St mirren15-04-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Roma vs Atalanta 15-04-2017Atalanta 1st bef 8010/111won0.91
Ayr vs Dundee Utd 15-04-20171st bef 805/61lost-1.00
Lara vs Trujillanos 15-04-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Woking vs Macclesfield 14-04-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Troyes vs Red star14-04-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Newcastle vs Leeds14-04-20171st bef 80 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Shamrock vs Sligo14-04-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Leipzig II vs Meuselwitz13-04-2017Over 2.517/201lost-1.00
Gornik Z vs Z sosnow12-04-2017Over 2.520/231won0.87
Dortmund vs Monaco 12-04-2017Monaco 1st bef 575/61won0.83
Lajong vs M Bagan12-04-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 5/61won0.83
Viktoria B vs Berliner 12-04-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
C unidos vs Huancayo 10-04-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Kasimpassa vs konyaspor10-04-2017Over 2.523/201lost-1.00
Ordabasy vs Astana08-04-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 10/111won0.91
Cabinteely vs Shelbourne07-04-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Cracovia vs Slask 07-04-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
FOOTBALL 05-04-2017Football treble9/51lost-1.00
Southampton vs Palace05-04-2017Palace 1st bef 775/61won0.83
Wolves vs forest04-04-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Bilbao vs espanyol 04-04-2017Over 2.56/51lost-1.00
FOOTBALL 04-04-2017Over 1.5 double 7/51won1.40
Lupa R vs resonate04-04-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Altach vs Salzburg 02-04-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Bradford vs Walsall 01-04-2017Over 2.56/51lost-1.00
Quelvilly vs Creteil01-04-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
Alessandria vs Germinio01-04-2017Over 2.521/201won1.05
Slask vs Korona31-03-2017Over 2.519/201won0.95
Hertha vs Hoffenheim31-03-2017Over 2.56/51won1.20
DARTS30-03-2017RVB win4/51won0.80
DARTS30-03-2017RVB win4/51won0.80
Sheff u vs Millwall 28-03-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
South K vs Syria28-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
St Pauli vs Heidenheim28-03-2017Heid goal bef 79 INPLAY10/111lost-1.00
Doncaster vs Plymouth 26-03-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
FOOTBALL26-03-2017German double11/81lost-1.00
Blackpool vs Hartlepool 25-03-2017Over 2.5 10/111won0.91
Cremonese vs Pontedera25-03-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Sandecja vs Klucz25-03-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Dragon vs UES25-03-2017Over 1.54/51won0.80
San Lorenzo vs Quilmes25-03-20171st bef 804/51won0.80
R club vs G Cruz 25-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
BOXING25-03-2017Boxing double7/41won1.75
Illertissen vs Burghausen24-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY4/51lost-1.00
Kassel vs Stein24-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 1/11lost-1.00
UAE vs Japan23-03-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Poland u20 vs Italy u2023-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Iraq vs Australia 23-03-2017Over 1.54/51won0.80
DARTS23-03-2017Darts double13/101won1.30
Colombia vs Bolivia 23-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Düsseldorf vs Koln II22-03-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
CD pasa vs CD Aguilla 22-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Lok Leipzig vs Luckenwalde 21-03-2017Over 2.510/111won0.90
Guimaeres B vs Cova DP20-03-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Bassano vs Venezia 20-03-2017Over 1.5 1st hlf INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Korona vs Cracovia 19-03-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Tottenham vs Southampton 19-03-2017Over 2.519/201won0.95
Belgrano vs Racing c19-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
R plate vs Defensor S19-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
West Ham vs Leicester 18-03-2017Over 2.5 5/61won0.83
Bordeaux vs Montpellier 18-03-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
5 Fold acca insurance 18-03-20175 fold 5/11void0.00
Pogon S vs jagiellonia 18-03-2017Over 0.5 1st hlf INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Wisla vs Plock 17-03-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Las palmas vs Villarreal17-03-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Clermont vs Niort 17-03-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
At Madrid vs Leverkusen 15-03-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Swindon vs Sheff Utd 14-03-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Cambridge vs Hartlepool 14-03-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Sambtesse vs Bassano 12-03-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
New York c vs dc Utd 12-03-2017Over 3.54/51won0.80
Sonsonate vs S Teda12-03-2017Over 4.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Rosario vs Gody Cruz 12-03-20171st bef 80 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Exeter vs Accrington 11-03-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Peterborough vs oxford 11-03-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Wrexham vs Gateshead 11-03-2017BTTS 4/51lost-1.00
Ingoldstat vs Fc Koln11-03-20173rd before 80 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Lara vs A socopo11-03-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Hamburg vs m/gladbach11-03-2017Over 2.511/101won1.10
Marseille vs Angers10-03-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Shamrock vs Derry c10-03-2017Over 2.527/201lost-1.00
Sligo vs st Patricks10-03-2017Over 0.5 1st half INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Ajaccio vs Troyes 10-03-20174th before 80 INPLAY 5/61lost-1.00
Dundee vs Hibernian 10-03-2017Over 1.5 goals4/51lost-1.00
Kairat A vs Aktobe08-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 10/111lost-1.00
P Belgrade vs M G08-03-2017Over 2.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Barranquilla vs j De cord08-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 5/61lost-1.00
Deep m vs Huancayo 08-03-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
MIXED 4 fold07-03-2017Mixed 4 fold 5/11lost-0.50
Dunfermline vs QOS07-03-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
Parma vs forli 06-03-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
FOOTBALL06-03-2017Over 1.5 treble7/51won1.40
FOOTBALL05-03-2017Over 1.5 double 6/51won1.20
Gijon vs la coruna05-03-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
U magelina vs leones 05-03-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Regensburg vs lotto04-03-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Shrewsbury vs Coventry 04-03-2017Over 2.523/201lost-1.00
Gateshead vs dag04-03-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Chester vs Tranmere 03-03-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Augsburg vs Leipzig 03-03-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Benfica B vs Olhanense 03-03-2017Over 2.56/51won1.20
Aves vs Benfica B03-03-2017Over 0.5 INPLAY5/61won0.83
Tractor S vs Saipa03-03-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
B Peronnas vs Nimes03-03-20171st bef 80 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Bergerac B vs Lille02-03-20171st Before 80 INPLAY 10/111won0.91
S bluewings vs Guangzhou01-03-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Jiangsu vs Adl utd 01-03-20172nd G bef 80 INPLAY5/61won0.83
R Kazan vs Sibir01-03-2017Over 0.54/51won0.80
Dundee vs Partick01-03-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Lech vs Pogon S01-03-20172ng Goal bef 80 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Lech vs Pogon S 01-03-2017Over 3.5 INPLAY10/111lost-1.00
Crawley vs Exeter 28-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
R sociedad vs Eibar28-02-2017Eibar goal bef 80 INPLAY5/61won0.83
Spezia vs ascoli28-02-2017Over 0.5 1st hlf INPLAY4/51won0.80
Brighton vs Newcastle28-02-2017BTTS INPLAY19/201won0.95
Dagenham vs Maidstone28-02-2017BTTS INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Bari vs Brescia 27-02-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
Pereira vs Orsmorso25-02-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Cardiff vs Fulham 25-02-2017Over 2.519/201won0.95
Exeter vs Blackpool 25-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Sheff u vs Bolton 25-02-2017Bolton G goal bef 7910/111lost-1.00
Armena G vs pasto25-02-2017Over 2.513/101lost-1.00
Limon vs cartagines25-02-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Amiens vs Orleans24-02-2017Over 2.56/51lost-1.00
Limerick vs Sligo24-02-2017Sligo goal before 765/61won0.83
Chambly vs Sedan24-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY5/61won0.83
Pogon S vs Lech24-02-2017Over 2.5 INPLAY 10/111won0.91
Finn H vs Cork C24-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 10/111lost-1.00
APOEL v Bilbao 23-02-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
DARTS23-02-2017Both 3+ 180's10/111lost-1.00
Bidvest wits vs Baroka22-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Guimaeres B vs Olhanense20-02-2017Over 2.519/201won0.95
Cremonese vs Alessandria20-02-20171st goal bef 801/11won1.00
Dag vs Bromley 20-02-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Colchester vs Wycombe 20-02-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
BOXING19-02-2017Broner win by KO13/101lost-1.00
Montpellier vs St ettienne19-02-2017Over 2.56/51won1.20
Alianza vs Sonsonate19-02-2017Over 2.59/101won0.90
Wuppertal u19 vs Bochum u1919-02-2017Over 0.5 1st hlf4/51lost-1.00
Wycombe vs Carlisle 18-02-2017Over 2.511/101won1.10
Venezia vs Pordenone18-02-2017Over 2.513/101lost1.00
Mineros vs Trujillanos 18-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Empoli vs Lazio 18-02-2017Lazio 1st bef 70 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Guabira vs Sucre18-02-2017Over 4.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Foggia vs Matera18-02-2017Over 3.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Sol D America vs D capiato 18-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Sporting vs Rio Ave18-02-20172nd bef 804/51lost-1.00
Heidenheim vs Stuttgart 17-02-2017Over 2.511/101won1.10
Augsburg vs Leverkusen 17-02-2017Over 2.511/101won1.10
Diaz vs Guarani17-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
A Bilbao vs APOEL 16-02-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
DARTS16-02-2017RVB most 180's5/61won0.83
Penafiel vs Porto b15-02-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
M kuker vs persipura15-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 5/61lost-1.00
Norwich vs Newcastle 14-02-2017Over 2.523/201won1.15
Notts C vs Exeter14-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Smaiha vs El Skeria14-02-2017Sm to score BH12/51lost-1.00
P Szczecin vs Piast13-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Lazio vs Ac Milan 13-02-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Swansea vs Leicester 12-02-2017Goal in both halves 10/111lost-1.00
Matera vs V franc12-02-2017Over 2.5 23/201won1.15
Arka vs Legia 11-02-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
C unidos vs Garilloso11-02-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Oxford vs Mk dons11-02-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Espanyol vs R sociedad 10-02-2017Over 2.513/101won1.30
Bordeaux vs PSG10-02-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
El egtmaaey vs safa 10-02-2017Over 1.5 1st hlf INPLAY 5/41won1.25
Fgura vs senglea 10-02-2017Over 1.5 1st INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
Bani Y vs Al jazira10-02-2017Al jazira 3rd bef 80 INPLAY 4/51lost-1.00
DOUBLE (Mexico)10-02-2017Double11/81lost-1.00
DARTS09-02-2017Darts double6/41won1.50
Rash T vs F sepesi 09-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY5/61won0.83
E salor vs R&F09-02-2017Over 1.5 1st half INPLAY 11/101won1.10
P jayapura vs Gresik09-02-2017Over 1.5 1st INPLAY 4/51won0.80
P jayapura vs Gresik 09-02-2017Over 3.54/61lost-1.00
E Sahel vs sfaxien09-02-2017Over 0.5 1st half INPLAY 11/101lost-1.00
Bel/zad vs Mo Bejaia09-02-2017Over 1.5 1st hlf INPLAY4/51won1.00
Xanthi vs Paok09-02-2017Over 0.5 1st hlf INPLAY 10/111won0.91
Al faisaly vs Al hilal 09-02-20172nd before 80 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
DARTS09-02-2017RVB most 180's10/111won0.91
Chiapas vs c America 08-02-2017Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Leicester vs Derby 08-02-2017Over 2.56/51lost-1.00
Mk dons vs Oldham07-02-2017Home win17/201won0.85
B Peronnas vs lens07-02-2017Over 2.56/51lost-1.00
Nimes vs Niort 07-02-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Trapani vs Avellino 06-02-2017Goal both halves INPLAY11/101lost-1.00
Genoa vs sassuolo 05-02-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Cremonese vs carresse 05-02-2017Over 2.520/231won0.87
Santos dG vs Limon 05-02-2017Over 2.55/61lost-1.00
Egypt vs Cameroon05-02-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 11/101won1.10
Doncaster vs Morecombe04-02-2017Goal in b halves1/21won0.50
Walsall vs Northampton 04-02-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Regensburg vs sonnehof04-02-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Bologna vs Napoli 04-02-2017Over 2.59/101won0.90
Ac Ajaccio vs Clermont 03-02-2017Over 2.56/51won1.20
Pescara vs Fiorentina 01-02-2017Away win10/111won0.91
E bengal vs Mumbai 01-02-2017Over 2.5 INPLAY 10/111won0.91
Burnley vs Leicester 31-01-2017Burnley draw no bet11/101won1.10
Las Palmas vs Valencia30-01-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Guimaeres B vs Freamunde30-01-2017Home win6/51won1.20
Catanzaro vs Lecce30-01-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY5/61won0.83
Inter vs Lazio 30-01-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Gent vs C Brugge29-01-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Livorno vs como 29-01-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Santos D g vs M Liberia 29-01-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 5/61won0.83
Alianza vs Chalat29-01-2017Over 2.5 INPLAY5/61lost0.83
Bury vs Walsall 28-01-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Preston vs Ipswich 28-01-2017Home win10/111lost-1.00
Sonsonate vs Mum lim 28-01-2017Over 2.5 19/201won0.95
Mons Calp vs Europa P28-01-2017Over 0.5 1st half INPLAY4/51won0.80
Waasland vs Westerlo28-01-2017Over 0.5 1st half INPLAY5/61lost-1.00
R Khan vs Shahid27-01-2017Over 10 corners INPLAY11/101lost-1.00
Belen vs Santos DG27-01-2017Over 2.517/201won0.85
Marseille vs Montpellier 27-01-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
M Wanderers vs USucre27-01-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Nimes vs Strasbourg 27-01-2017Over 1.5 INPLAY 11/101won1.10
UCR vs cartigines 26-01-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Pro P vs Sienna 25-01-2017Over 0.5 1st half INPLAY1/11won1.00
Pro P vs sienna 25-01-2017Over 3.510/111lost-1.00
Brest vs Red star23-01-2017Over 2.527/201lost-1.00
Southampton vs Leicester 22-01-2017Southampton 3rd bef 80 INPLAY11/101lost-1.00
Barnet vs Newport 21-01-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Gateshead vs aldershot21-01-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
Grimsby vs Notts c21-01-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
L palmas vs deportivo20-01-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Algeria vs Tunisia 19-01-2017Over 2.55/41won1.25
Zac M vs Puebla18-01-2017Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Cameroon vs18-01-2017Over 2.56/41won1.50
Nantes vs Caen18-01-2017Nantes 1st bef 80 INPLAY5/61won0.83
Lazio vs Genoa 18-01-2017Lazio 3rd bef 805/61won0.83
Fleetwood vs B city17-01-2017Over 2.520/231lost-1.00
M Baghan vs Minerva17-01-2017Over 1.5 1st half INPLAY11/81won1.38
Qatar vs Moldova 17-01-2017Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Palace vs Bolton 17-01-2017Home win INPLAY5/61won0.83
Football & darts16-01-2017Mixed double6/41lost-1.00
UNAM vs Cruz Azul 15-01-2017Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Lorient vs guingamp14-01-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Lazio vs Atalanta 14-01-2017Over 2.510/111won0.91
Les herbiers vs epinal 13-01-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Hapoel vs m Haifa 10-01-2017Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Lekhwiya vs Al ghar 09-01-2017Lekhwiya 3rd bef 80 INPLAY 4/51won0.80
Morocco vs Finland 09-01-2017Morocco 1st bef 80 INPLAY4/51lost-1.00
Betis vs leganes 08-01-2017Betis 1st before 70 INPLAY4/51won0.80
Cambridge vs leeds08-01-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Udinese vs Inter 07-01-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Aldershot vs Barnet 06-01-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Lorient vs Barnet05-01-2017Over 2.51/11won1.00
Alcorcon vs Córdoba 04-01-2017Over 2.55/41lost-1.00
Blackburn vs Newcastle 02-01-2017Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
Cambridge vs Notts c02-01-2017Over 2.55/61won0.83
Chester vs sullihull01-01-2017Over 2.54/51won0.80
Darts & football01-01-2017Mixed double13/81lost-1.00
Cheltenham vs Wycombe30-12-2016Over 2.5 6/51won1.20
Acona vs Reggiana 30-12-2016Over 1.5 INPLAY4/51lost-1.00
Darts & football30-12-2016Mixed double11/81won1.38
Melfi vs Juve Stabia29-12-2016Over 2.511/101won1.10
Rotherham vs Burton29-12-2016Over 2.519/201won0.95
Rochdale vs Chesterfield 26-12-2016Over 2.54/51won0.80
Ipswich vs Fulham 26-12-2016Over 2.519/201lost-1.00
Matera vs Teranto22-12-2016Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Supersport vs Polokawane21-12-2016Over 2.51/11won1.10
Footy & Darts19-12-2016Mixed treble3/11won3.00
Gaz metan vs Astra 19-12-2016Over 2.529/201lost-1.00
Sassuolo vs Inter 18-12-2016Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Genoa vs Palermo 18-12-2016Over 2.519/201won0.95
Brest vs B Peronnas 16-12-2016Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
West Brom vs Swansea14-12-2016Over 2.511/101won1.10
Cape Town vs Platinum S13-12-2016Over 2.511/101won1.10
Atalanta vs Udinese11-12-2016Over 2.56/51lost-1.00
Yeovil vs Barnet10-12-2016Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Wisla K vs Cracovia10-12-2016Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Avranches vs Ca Bastia09-12-2016Over 2.57/51lost-1.00
Lucchese vs Cremonese 08-12-2016Over 2.523/201lost-1.00
Sassuolo vs genk 08-12-2016Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Southampton vs B sheeva 08-12-2016Over 1.5 INPLAY11/81won1.38
Ancona vs Padova07-12-2016Over 2.513/101won1.30
Legia vs sporting 07-12-2016Over 2.58/111won0.73
Benfica vs Napoli06-12-2016Over 2.519/201won0.95
Lincoln vs Oldham 05-12-2016Over 2.519/201won0.95
Coruna vs sociedad 05-12-2016Away win7/51lost-1.00
Sassuolo vs Empoli04-12-2016Over 2.521/201won1.05
Jagiellonia vs lech04-12-2016Over 2.51/11won1.00
Ajax vs Groningen 04-12-2016Ajax 2nd before 80 INPLAY1/11won1.00
Feirense vs Arouca04-12-2016Over 2.510/111lost-1.00
Boca vs racing Club04-12-2016Over 2.56/51won1.20
Tigres vs Aldosivi 03-12-2016Home win4/51lost-1.00
Mamelodi vs freestate 03-12-2016Over 2.51/11won1.00
Yeovil vs Crawley 03-12-2016Over 2.511/101won1.10
Legia vs W Plock INPLAY01-12-2016Legia 2nd before 804/51won0.80
Dover vs Dagenham 01-12-2016Home win5/41lost-1.00
Leon vs Tigres30-11-2016Over 2.521/201lost-1.00
Brest vs Troyes29-11-2016BTTS11/101won1.10
Reims vs Niort28-11-2016Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Hertha vs Mainz27-11-2016Over 2.55/41won1.20
Slask vs Legia 27-11-2016Over 2.51/11won1.00
Palermo vs Lazio 27-11-2016Lazio win & BTTS29/201lost-1.00
Wolves vs Sheff wed26-11-2016Weds goal before 605/61lost-1.00
Spal vs Latina26-11-2016Over 2.51/11lost-1.00
Boulogne vs Sedan25-11-2016Home win10/111won0.91
UNAM vs Tigres24-11-2016Over 2.523/201won1.12
San Martin vs Huancayo 24-11-2016Over 2.54/51lost-1.00
Matelica vs Fermana23-11-2016Over 2.59/101won0.90
Newport vs Wycombe22-11-2016Over 2.511/101lost-1.00
Brest vs Niort21-11-2016Over 2.56/41won1.50
Trapani vs spal 21-11-2016Over 1.5 INPLAY6/51won1.20

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